Imaginary Brightness: A Durant Family Saga

A Gilded Age Family Drama

1873. Thomas Durant, a tyrannical railroad baron, insists his family return to the US to rebuild their family fortunes in the Adirondack Wilderness. His adult children are reluctant to leave their high society lifestyles in London. Once in the U.S. they find their father’s business dealings have put the family in a precarious financial position. They must do whatever they can to establish themselves with other Gilded Age wealthy families. The Durants pin their hopes on their vast landholdings in the NY Adirondack mountains, considered a playground for the rich. And William and Ella find the Adirondacks the perfect place to escape their father’s domineering control over their lives.

"I love the Gilded Age and am a pretty tough critic of getting the small details right. This is especially a challenge when an author switches viewpoints between the past and the present, to keep the reader with you. I interviewed Sheila for the History Author Show, and enjoyed our discussion. The Adirondacks played a big role in the age of robber barons, and so much of the scenes she describes are still there for us to enjoy today. Thanks for sending the book, Sheila! - History Author Show podcast"

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