Imbwa, The Story of The Dog and His Harsh Master

This delightful tale also contains valuable life lessons about how mistreating others can cost you dearly and lead to isolation and loneliness, and how kindness towards others can go a long way to ensuring your happiness and that of those around you.

Imbwa the Rottweiler and his next-door neighbour Galu the Great Dane are best friends. They love going to the park with their human masters because it means they get to see each other and have fun playing together.

One day, the two friends meet in the park as usual and begin a conversation about their respective masters. While Galu’s master is always kind and gentle towards him, Imbwa’s master’s approach is rough and tough. Galu tells Imbwa how he is always happy, because of the way his master treats him. Imbwa, on the other hand, shares with Galu how living with his overly strict and unloving master is making him thoroughly miserable. As he chats with his best friend, he also realises that his master’s methods, which are intended to teach him learn life lessons and prevent him from repeating his mistakes, are actually teaching him nothing and only making him make even more mistakes.

Together, the two canine friends hatch a plan to help Galu. What are they planning and will their plan work out? Will Galu find the peace and happiness that he craves? Read on to find out!

The story of Imbwa and Galu will appeal to children because of its relatable themes. Firstly, it teaches young readers that sharing one’s problems with trustworthy friends can help one to feel better, reinforcing the concepts of “communication is key” and “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

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