Inside the Skin

Falling in love is always an adventure

He’s a professional graffiti artist with nowhere to paint. She’s a nurse with too many to care for. Neither is looking for love. Until they meet.

Tell Me What I Want to Hear

Eric Slater credits his roommate, Jeff Byers, and Jeff’s personal software associate, Bezos, with saving them from homelessness. OK, in

Unquiet Souls

On the surface, psychologist Audrey Barrett is the perfect co-host for Michael Covenant’s new cable series, Project Demon Hunters. She’s

The Isle of Thamber

Alone in the dark. Nightmarish creatures behind every corner. The line between reality and dreams begins to blur … The

Antipodes: Crossroads

Intelligent, coming of age fiction with a sustainability focus. Driven and focussed, Freyja Jorgensen has her life mapped out –

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