Is COVID-19 Racist?

Understanding How A Global Pandemic Magnified, Amplified and Intensified the Effects of Systemic Racism

By the turn of the new decade of the 2020s, at the dawn of a new global pandemic, one prevailing question has left many scratching their heads:“Why are so many Black Americans dying from COVID-19?”With a quarter of a million American deaths, statistically speaking COVID-19 death rates in the black community have been significantly higher than that of white communities.  Does the virus hold some prejudice toward African-Americans?  Does it prefer their bodies as a pristine host over that of white bodies?Or is there something much more sinister at play throughout the land of America completely outside of the virus itself?  Something that has plagued America since its origins and continues to prevail even today.In “Is COVID-19 Racist?”, we uncover the truth of what is REALLY happening in and to the black community.  We expose the evidence of systemic racism in America and how it has left the oppressed most vulnerable to the global pandemic’s fatality.Read now and join the discussion as we take the first step toward fixing any problem: admitting there is one.

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