It Happened on Fifth Street

What is the big secret? Where is the danger coming from?

If you enjoy thrilling historical novels with a time-travel twist, and you’re fascinated by the drama of the Underground Railroad, you’ll love IT HAPPENED ON FIFTH STREET: a tale of forgotten heroes.This sample introduces you to …1837. America. Alf. A hidden letter. Family secrets he’s determined to uncover.2015. New Zealand. Abi. A forgotten tin trunk, a mystery, and a magical old coin.Alf and Abi, thrown together across the centuries, pool their knowledge. It takes ages, but at last – a breakthrough. They crack the code and Alf demands to be included. He’s sworn to silence, for lives and livelihoods are in grave danger.And then, things go bad. Very bad.Cincinnati in the 1830s and 40s was a violent place – enemies, riots, persecution of blacks and abolitionists – in this dramatic story you’ve got it all!It Happened on Fifth Street is the first in the Freedom Series. Based on new research and a vivid mix of fact and fiction, it brings back to life a forgotten story about real people and real events. Meet folks who put their lives on the line, day after day, night after night. Come with Alf and Abi on a journey you’ll never forget.If you like tales of feisty characters who refuse to be told ‘no’, you’ll love this tension-filled story by Robyn R. Pearce.

‘Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it’George Santayana

"Such a fantastic page-turner that brings history to life!I loved the suspense and could not put this book down! Also read it out loud to my daughters who loved learning about slavery and the brave people who helped to end it. Such a fascinating story made so relevant through the eyes of the modern time-travelling character Abi. Highly recommend it!"
5 Star Amazon Review

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