Katherine: Lady Of Brionne

She saved his honour ... but will he lose his heart?

Grieving the loss of her husband, Katherine de Corbeau makes a new life for herself on her brother’s estate. An invitation to a wedding at the donjon of Comte Geoffrey comes at just the right time as she attempts to move on with life.

But when she arrives at the donjon, she discovers everything in chaos. The cook mistakes her for the lady of the house, and Katherine soon finds that she’s doing what she does best: running a household.

Geoffrey notices the lovely widow who has saved his household from dishonour, and the two become friends. He even invites her to walk with him to the wedding, an event that’s sure to set tongues wagging.

But someone else also has his eye on the widow for his own purposes, and he is prepared to use deadly force to get his own way. Will Geoffrey survive the threat to his life? Will Katherine be willing to trust a man again after such a base betrayal?

Katherine: Lady Of Brionne is set in the days of knights and castles, heroes and villains, when men fought for their honour and the women they loved. Read for strong, resilient women and heroes with heart, not to mention adventures and glimpses of life behind the castle walls. Above all, this is a sweet story of two people who unexpectedly find love again after loss. It is part of the House Of Clare series. 

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