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 Children’s Documentary Series Exploring Global Cultures & The Natural WorldWouldn’t you like to take a family vacation to a place you’ve never been, right now?  You and your entire family are invited to come and experience, learn, feel, and imagine what life in other countries all over the world is like from other kids!Visit fascinating countries around the world without ever having to leave your home with a kid’s documentary series that teaches an appreciation for both cultural & biodiversity by country worldwide.   In this one-of-a-kind kids’ documentary series, let local kids be your guides as 2 kids from each country take you and your family on an unforgettable private guided tour of their lives via cultural traditions, food, clothes, history, economy, music, beautiful landscapes, animals, plants and more!In this book, Joaquin and Yocsary take us on an exciting and unforgettable adventure around the unique Central American country of Costa Rica.  Are you ready to take a majestic walk in the cloud forests and visit tropical blond and black sand beaches all in the same country? Feel free to jump in the ocean and go surfing. Visit hot spring sites and learn more about the wonderful biodiversity in the Costa Rican jungle.  Joaquin and Yocsary are so excited to give you a taste of the food they eat, the languages they speak and the clothes they wear as they dance in the street! Don’t forget your sun hat and comfortable shoes and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in Costa Rica.   There’s a bonus quiz at the end of every book. Sensei Publishing provides kids with a series of books for generations of people encouraging exciting curiosity and interactive discovery.  Please join us on this unique journey around the world where kids teach other kids about the wonders and treasures of their home countries – are you ready?   Get your family’s copy of Kids on Earth: ‘Costa Rica’ today!  MORE FREE BOOKS visit

"This book is so cute and educational! Quality illustrations, friendly characters, and a beautiful message celebrating cultural diversity on a global scale. I've never seen anything like this before! I can't wait for the rest of the series to come out. I definitely recommend it! 5 Stars!Mirelle Mulder Wow! I learned so much about Costa Rica after reading this book. From spider monkeys and red-eyed frogs in the rainforest to surfing after school or after work! The colourful graphics fully demonstrate this amazing country. I hope everyone enjoys this book just as much as I did.Laura Ng"

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