Secret Societies, Experiments, and Superpowers

Silke’s Strike Force wants YOU to join the team!Klassified is a special compendium to the Silke’s Strike Force superhero series. It’s not available anywhere else but special download. Information inside Klassified includes:

  • A redacted case history (book synopsis)
  • Detailed accounts of past events (2 prequel short stories)
  • A special look at Karma (excerpt)
  • Profile reports (character profiles)
  • Top secret images (cover designs)​

As the world becomes a darker place, people look more and more to heroes like YOU.

Inside the Skin

He’s a professional graffiti artist with nowhere to paint. She’s a nurse with too many to care for. Neither is

The Quest For The Holy Hummus

Fast-paced satire for fans of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. The Quest For The Holy Hummus – The Chickpea Chronicles (volume 1)Despite

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