Last Exit on the Road to Nowhere

How did Tony Valenti wind up in Cedar Heights? It all begins here.

Last Exit on the Road to Nowhere is a prequel novella about the high-stakes dramas at work and home that precipitated Tony Valenti’s move to Cedar Heights. These are the events that propel Tony and Brittany into the opening chapter of A House on Liberty Street, the first novel in the acclaimed Tony Valenti Thrillers series. What will ultimately become of Tony’s family? His career? His life? It all begins here.

This short novel (short in comparison to my regular Tony Valenti Thrillers—it’s almost as long as novels in a number of genres!) is an exclusive free gift for Reader’s Club members.

"5 star review - What a great, entertaining read. My first Neil Turner novel and his first of five Tony Valenti legal/crime thrillers. Neil Turner has proven beyond the shadow of doubt he’s an excellent writer and storyteller. This book grabbed me from the first scene and kept me turning pages through the suspenseful twists and turns to a satisfying end. He created a cast of likeable, compelling characters. It’s a gripping story, wonderfully written. Don Pugletti Jr. Author of A Coat Dyed Black"

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