Laundry Day

Be Careful Not to Lose Your Panties

All Chloe wanted was to do her laundry quietly and uninterrupted. No such luck.There’s one last available washing machine in the neighborhood laundromat, and she’s not the only one who has her eye on it. Chloe isn’t one to back off easy, but neither is the handsome stranger laying claim to her machine.Officer Noah Stratton is fresh out of a relationship and focused on getting his footing in a new city. Looking to get some laundry done after a grueling week on his new beat, the last thing he was expecting was to clash with a feisty and sexy brunette at the lock laundromat.Eventually, they realize they’ll have to share if they ever want to get out of there, and when the spin cycle ends, they go their separate ways.Only Chloe’s accidentally left him a little lacy red souvenir.As their paths keep crossing and sparks fly, will Noah be able to convince Chloe to lower her guards and see that they were meant to be?

"This is a great little novella. I really enjoyed Chloe and Noah’s meet cute right at the very beginning. Noah is a super sexy cop, new on the block and Chloe is the sassy heroine that steals not only his washing machine at the neighborhood Laundromat but his heart as well. When a pair of errant panties wind up in the wrong laundry pile, let’s just say sparks fly. Loved this fun couple and this quick, sexy read!"
5 Star Amazon Review

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