The early years that led to Eddie Grant's fame and fortune in Treasure of Saint-Lazare

From the opening hit-and-run murder to the final dramatic search for the Treasure of Saint-Lazare. Read the back story behind the best historical mystery of the year (Readers’ Favorite). A free short story.

Lauren is the story behind Treasure of Saint-Lazare and the Eddie Grant thriller series. Eddie made his name as a US Special Forces commander in the First Gulf War, then following in his family’s footsteps as a businessman in Paris, where he was born and had lived until he left for college in Texas.

"A cute story about how Eddie met his future wife. I liked that they didn't hit it off right away and that they only got together near the end of the story. The author captured the time well in his use of dialogue and description. The main thing I liked was that I was captivated by the story and wanted to read it until the end."
Labete, Amazon reviewer

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