Life Of Bailey Series: FREE Book 1.

A True Life Story From Puppy to Dog

Bailey is a sweet puppy who has many experiences in his life.  I this story, when Bailey goes to his forever home he begins to learn about how to be a good doggy for Mommy and Daddy.  Then something happens that makes his Mommy and Daddy decide he needs to go and live with his Grandma for a while.  At Grandma’s, Daddy visits him but Mommy can’t because she’s sick.  As for Bailey, he just wants to get back home.  In this adorable and heartfelt adventure, learn about how Bailey spends his days as he tries to get back home.  Will he be able to become a part of the wonderful family he’s grown to love?Sensei Paul has created this series of children’s books to help kids learn important lessons to help them grow up with wisdom to guide them through life.Everyone’s invited to be a part of the publishing process & creative journey by following on Instagram/Facebook/YouTube @ senseipublishing and follow our blog at www.senseipauldavid.caFor MORE FREE BOOKS visit:

"Kindle Customer5.0 out of 5 stars Gorgeous, vivid pictures!Reviewed in Canada on April 12, 2020Verified PurchaseLife of Bailey is touchingly written. A unique story told from the dog's point of view showing how he becomes part of a family. I like how this book shows the diversity in modern families. What I enjoyed the most however were the colourful and well-designed pictures. Bravo!----------------------------------------------- Basil L.5.0 out of 5 stars A heart-warming story about a dog and his familyReviewed in Canada on April 10, 2020Verified PurchaseEvery dog deserves a loving home, and Bailey shows us how the love and support of a family can overcome the challenges life throws at us. This book demonstrates real human (and canine!) issues through kid-friendly writing and colourful illustrations. Definitely recommend it!"

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