Lilies of the Field

Love & Trust

Lilies of the Field: Love & Trust features a stand-alone chapter that complements the entire Cinnamah-Brosia Coffee Cottage Collection, which includes:
The Essence of Courage: Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit in Solomon’s Locked Garden and in Your Heart (2016)
The Essence of Joy: Celebrating the Aroma of Jesus Nativity (2017)
The Essence of Humility: Live and Love Like Jesus (2018)
(All three books are available in paperback and digital versions. The three books are also available as the ebook, Coffee Cottage Collection.) Links are included at the end.
The Lily devotion was meant for inclusion in The Essence of Humility. Limiting each book to nine chapters, Lily was chosen to become a stand-alone chapter. Trusting God completely for every need and living surrendered to being fully loved by Him requires humility. I pray the Lily chapter touches your heart, and your trust in His love and care for you grows stronger.

For those unfamiliar with the books, each one contains nine chapters on different botanicals, fruits, spices, and essential oils found in the Bible. Each chapter is divided into four parts. The Lily chapter has been set up the same way. Here is what to expect (this information is taken from the books):

1. Cinnamah-Brosia and Friends Share Their Story: Throughout the Coffee Cottage Collection, these fictional characters introduce us to common fruits, aromas, and botanicals by sharing their own stories about the essence in their lives. (All the stories in the “Cinnamah-Brosia and Friends Share Their Stories” sections are based on events in the lives of real flesh and blood women. Their stories have been fictionalized to fit our characters and timeliness appropriately and protect actual identities.) The friends prepare us to discover the essence in Scripture and to meet a woman of the Bible whose own life exemplifies its attributes. “C-B” loves essential oils, baking, music, and God’s Word. She spreads that love around. In these sections, you will become better acquainted with her, learn what essential oils she’s diffusing, and discover the Coffee Cottage’s special of the day, the song that’s playing, and the Scripture verse she’s posted. (The oils chosen for diffusing may not be the same ones featured for that fruit, spice, or botanical, but they are ones readily available and complement the essence of that selection. Songs playing are an eclectic variety of old and new Christian music. We hope you know and love many of them, and others will become new favorites. Like “what’s diffusing,” each song was chosen to complement the subject matter.)
2. The Essence in Scripture: a devotion that speaks of the botanical, fruit, spice, or essential oil in the context of Scripture. All personal stories included in “The Essence in Scripture” sections are drawn from the author’s own experiences.
3. A Woman of the Bible Experiences the Essence: a devotion featuring a woman of the Bible who experiences some aspect of that essence in her life. All personal stories included in “A Woman of the Bible Experiences the Essence of ” sections are drawn from the author’s own experiences.
For both the “Essence in Scripture” and “A Woman of the Bible…” realize real people like you and me reside between the lines of Bible stories. We considered how their culture impacted their lives and how, in turn, it impacted their interactions with each other. Details may have been different than depicted, but the ones shared are definitely plausible. There’s something to learn from each one. You may see each person in a different light than the picture you have in mind. We see each other in different lights, too. Thank you, Heavenly Father, You see us through the Light of Jesus.
4. Essence Droplets: a collection of “Fun Facts” about each fruit, oil, or spice; and “Your Turn” provides practical ways for you to incorporate them into your world.

For an even clearer picture especially of the Cinnamah-Brosia portion of the devotion, there is a whole section in each book that gives you great background information on who she is, and how she got her name (it’s a fun story), and so much more.


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