(Excerpt) Love at The Bluebonnet Inn

He’s a disgraced doctor who longs for a new life. She’s a single mother struggling to keep the one she has.

A year after being promoted to Chief of Pediatric Surgery, Doctor Jason Logan made one bad decision that changed the course of his life forever. The only symbol left of all his hard work and dedication is his prized Maserati. 

Codi Richards is a widow with a mountain of debt, an inheritance in serious need of repairs, and a ‘tween with a chip the size of Texas perched on his shoulder. Not to mention, her mother-in-law would like nothing more than to see her fail.

Their relationship starts with a boom when her son welcomes the doctor by gifting his Maserati with a new hood ornament…her house.

Can love blossom despite the wreckage and debris before the dust settles?

The Witch’s Staff

Twelve-year-old Heather has never been popular. To make matters worse, the biggest bully at Leafside Middle School has it out

Duel of Destiny

As an attaché mech, TH3R lived to make General Elaine Dirksen’s life easier. His greatest challenge was protecting her from

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