Love’s Choice

The young, handsome heir of Cabolusa Beach Lodge creates a stir in the heart of an engaged guest? How might their infatuation change their lives and the history of the Cabolusa?

Love’s Choice is the prequel to the Cabolusa Beach Lodge Series and is available exclusively through newsletter registration. This book is not published or available for purchase. It is a gift, given, with the hope you will read my series and follow me as I continue to write clean romance books.Cabolusa Beach Lodge is a Victorian-style, four-season resort located on the shore of Lake Michigan. The pristine, wrap-around porch, invites guests to end their day with a view of the sunset over the lake.  It has been owned by the Sandburg family for decades providing vacation and recreational experiences for generations of guests.The Cablolusa Beach Lodge Series is predicated on the four loves. These loves include Eros – Romantic Love, Storge – Familial Love, Phileo – Friendship Love, and Agape – Unconditional Love.  The deep, empirical need for romance, quite often involves the direct or indirect experience with most, if not all of these loves.  The Cabolusa Beach Lodge Series is designed to offer you an experience of these true loves as you move through the characters in these romance stories.  Love’s Choice does not have to be the first book you read.  In fact, it may be advantageous to read the first few books in the series before you read this prequel.  The books will begin to draw you to this story making it an even more interesting and emotional read. 

"Eros, Cabolusa Beach Lodge Series ~~ Review ~~~~What a fabulous start to Everlee Whitman’s new series, Cabolusa Beach Lodge. Megan Sandburg is the daughter of the owners of the Lodge and loves working there. She had a crush on Drew Parsons, when they were younger and they shared their first kiss together, but the next day he was hanging out with Samantha Greer. Drew and she remain friends and his family and he still come every year. This year, their mother will be missed, since she passed away from breast cancer recently. I’ve not going to leave any spoilers, but I will say, if you love a clean romance series with some wonderful characters, you really need to grab this book.Penny"

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