LULU the Tiger Goes to the Grocery Store

Where can they find an egg or two? Oh, and some butter, sugar, and flour, too? Lulu devises with a tigertastic plan.

Lulu the Tiger and her Grandpa are very hungry and want pancakes for breakfast. But they’re missing some key ingredients and must go to the grocery store. Will they find everything they need to make their favorite pancakes? Read this fun tale about teamwork and enjoy the sing-song rhymes.

"Here is a fun, cute and glorious book. You will be mesmerized by LuLu and Grandpas trip to the store. The rhyming story and fun and exciting illustrations keep you turning each page to find out more and more.Lulu and Grandpa wake up and find there is no food in the house. They get to go on an adventure to the grocery store. I don't think they have ever been shopping because they do not know where to find anything. They come up with funny ways to find the ingredients for pancakes. Enjoy reading/listening this heartwarming story about love of family, love of adventure and love of pancakes. Five stars for a delight full story that is sure to engage children over and over again! It is well illustrated in a way that young children will be able to retell the story quickly by pictures but yet the pictures have bonus items that the children can find and talk about! Likewise the story is just right for young children to hear and relate to the shopping adventure in many ways! And as children gets older it is a story they will enjoy reading with help or all by themself! Nicely done!!! This is a great fun book to read for young kids. It's a rhyming book and there are so many great lines!! Lulu and his grandfather go shopping and they find the ingredients they need. It is like a scavenger hunt at the grocery store! It's fun and educational at the same time!A trip to the grocery store with grandpa! A nicely illustrated rhyming read. The rhymes sometimes felt forced but worth the effort. Lots of discussion points in both story and illustrations. The ladybug is a good touch."
5 Star Amazon Review

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