Make Money Your Partner: Your 30-Day Guide to Financial Wellness & Healing

Transform your relationship with money from the inside-out.

This is the 1st book of the Make Money Your Partner 3-book series: The work being done here is specifically designed to inspire and empower you to create healing in your relationship with money and to begin living an abundant life of financial freedom, by working from the inside-out.

This holistic approach to financial freedom will allow you to begin letting go of limiting beliefs that you hold about yourself and money which no longer serve you, and as a result you will start to experience the alignment of your mind, body, and spirit as you create breakthroughs in your relationship with money. This is a workbook style book that will support your journey to financial freedom, by releasing fears, worries, and scarcity mindset, by shifting into a state of gratitude, joy, abundance, happiness and freedom. It’s in doing the work [external and internal] that we create the results.

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"“This was the first program for me that I did in this framework, and I actually participated without great expectations. This program surpassed by far and was something I would never have imagined. Beth has such an amazing healing quality, and her wisdom truly has no limits. We did many exercises about money, and she explained her concept in every detail. Beth did a wonderful job of reaching me where I was stuck and gave me the opportunity to say things that I hadn't allowed myself to say, nor to feel or to think, for a very long time. The true magic began to happen just within a few weeks. My professional situation improved so much after this work I was able to hire someone to help me out and this has enriched my company ever since! This program was life changing!”"
- Wiebke

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