Makeni Homeboys

A Memoir about basketball, friends and family

This memoir is all about my time growing up in Zambia with the main emphasis being on the friendships that were forged in my neighbourhood , Makeni, in Lusaka. It is all about the neighbourhood basketball team called the Makeni Homeboys. I wanted to share the escapades as well as the fun and learning experiences along the way

This book will resonate with Gen Xers who are interested in sports especially basketball by telling them about these escapades and adventures.

"I am not a sports fan at all, but I so enjoyed this short, heartwarming memoir of the author’s childhood about growing up in Zambia where basketball was the glue that kept him and his friends together. It is a story full of love and friendship. However, there is also underlying sadness, an emotion K A Mulenga never dwells on, but that peeps through some of the events in his life. I always like to learn from the memoirs I read and I learned a lot from this one: Basketball, life in Zambia, determination and loyalty; it’s all in this compact book. Thank you, K A Mulenga!"
Val Poore

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About the Author

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