An M/M Phantom of the Opera Retelling

We all wear masks.

He came to me like a ghost singing songs of the past…
An angel, promising redemption.
Now I know the truth of the man behind the mask, and Erik’s soul is more broken and twisted than I ever imagined.


Even an angel’s wings can be broken.

The moment I heard his voice, I knew he was mine.
Mine to teach.
Mine to mold.
Mine to possess.
The music of our souls entwined is sweeter than any I’ve ever written, but the words to this song tell a story as dark as it is forbidden.
Is it love, or is it obsession?
I’ve lost track, and now I have to choose.
Release my angel and lose him forever, or hold on until his wings turn as black and shattered as my soul.

Christmas Lights

The worst Christmas ever.All because Alex’s long-time boyfriend Mac signed up for the army, which will separate them for the


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