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You can make your own Sudoku puzzles and have a lot of fun

How would you like to make your own Sudoku Puzzles?What Makes Sudoku Puzzles So Addictive? Can we make or pick only those Sudokus that are addictive?Introducing The Ultimate Sudoku Brain Games Puzzle Book By GameBrainOn.Whether you like crossword puzzle books and logic puzzles or you are a total puzzle rookie, Sudoku is the ideal way to spend quality time training your brain – and developing your logic skills. Everything’s better with a Sudoku;  and now it’s your turn to discover why so many people cannot go a day without solving a Sudoku. Let us help you explore the incredibly satisfying — and  addictive world of Sudoku puzzles.There Are 101 Reasons To Choose This Sudoku Puzzle Book;  Here Are Just The Top 4: ✅ Get Inside And Learn The Inner Secrets of Sudoku: make your own Sudoku Puzzles! Yes, make them easily in minutes!✅ Ultra-Addictive Sudoku Puzzle Books: created with addictiveness in mind, these 101 easy Sudoku puzzles will introduce you to the world of Sudoku. Soon, you’ll get hooked on solving puzzles.✅ Sudoku Large Print Book: Sudoku is all about making your brain work harder, not your eyes. That’s why our 8.5″ x 11″ Sudoku books are easier to read and more enjoyable for both adults and seniors.✅ So Much More Than An Activity Book For Adults: Chris T. Saldrick, the author of this puzzle book for adults, has added the rules of Sudoku, the most popular Sudoku solving tips and techniques, as well as a brief analysis of Sudoku’s benefits.“But It’s My First Sudoku Book! Will I Be Able To Solve The Puzzles?”Yes! These Sudoku puzzles are ideal for beginners who want to ease themselves into the Sudoku universe! So, Don’t Hesitate: Turn Your Game Brain On!Are You Ready to Sharpen Your Mental Edge – At Any Age?Scroll Up And Click “Buy Now” – 101 Mind-Blowing Sudoku Puzzles Await You!The Choice is Clear When It  Comes To Logic: Use It Or Lose It!Please visit us at to play Sudoku for free all day long!

"I have long been a fan of sudoku and kakuro as well as puzzles of all types. I frequently unwind at the end of the day by spending some time with these puzzles because I find it helps clear my mind of the days irritations, problems, and frustrations. When I saw this book, I jumped at the chance to add it to my collection. In this book you get 101 sudoku puzzles to solve. Hints and solutions are provided. Tips and techniques for solving sudoku are reviewed and I love the large print format (it is easy on the eyes and gives you room to write your potential answers). What really sets this book apart, however, is the introductory remarks exploring the “addictiveness” of sudoku. I had never given much thought to why people like these types of puzzles so much but the author certainly has. Aside from that, few other books offer any information regarding how to make your own sudoku puzzles. This book gives detailed instructions and suggestions to any who wish to pursue that creative endeavor. There are lots of sudoku puzzle books out there but this one is a bit different and that is always refreshing. This book contains “medium” sudoku, I hope the author publishes a book for “hard” sudoku next. Enjoy.I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily offering my honest and unbiased review."
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