Metaphors in Motion

Wisdom from the Open Road

From the coauthors of the award-winning Wheels of Wisdom.

After pedaling thousands of miles throughout America, midlife newlyweds and cross-country adventurers Tim and Debbie Bishop offer eight powerful life lessons from the seat of a bicycle. Do you need some inspiration or a nudge in your life? Whether you are bored, navigating unfamiliar terrain, struggling to get started, or just plain stuck, the epiphanies inside this book will bring focus to your journey. With wisdom gleaned all the way from a twilight ride up an Idaho mountain to a bicycle shop in Delaware, Ohio, Metaphors in Motion provides enlightenment for your own travels through life.

Certain principles are universal.


Vanessa is a bubbly, driven woman with several jobs and a brain that never stops. Her only relationships with men

The Nurse’s Holiday Goal

An Anchorage Mercy World Novella Six-foot Candace Kaine has always felt like a giant, like an outsider looking in at everyone

About the Author

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