Mortuary School

When the dead want justice, they follow her home.

Imogene Lynch, ex-hairstylist, wants to become a normal mortician. Unfortunately, she has a talent that’s anything but. She feels the final sensations of the deceased when she touches their hair.

When an extra corpse shows up in her anatomy class and Imogene is vaulted into the casket, she discovers Carl isn’t there to be dissected. He’s been murdered.

Despite what her professors say, not all knowledge is good. Too much can be deadly.

"Embalming bodies - dead people who need your help - and the living who may want you dead - all in a day's work for Imogene. An original concept that's perfectly crafted. You're going to fall for this author's engaging and skillfully written story. Highly recommended!"

Distanced Love

An average Joe at work and an exemplary wife at home. I’m so tired of it!The husband cheats on me


Historical Romance with a dash of Celtic mysticism. 1880s Arizona: When Jesse Travers inherits a bankrupt ranch, only one man


Jara SaSturn has it all. A wealthy family, great friends, a beautiful face and big ambitions. Until everything is snatched

About the Author

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