Rob from the rich …

One day Quin will become the greatest con artist Europa has ever seen (if she does say so herself).But we all have to start somewhere … And Quin’s story begins in the mud of the Golden Horn and in the soft tick-tock of a gentleman’s watch.Discover the start of one girl’s epic journey from Gutter Streets to gentlewoman in Mudlark, the evocative prequel to A Thief & a Gentlewoman. Download your copy today and venture into the alleys of Arianople where intrigue and danger are only a step away.What reviewers are saying:“I was completely sucked in by this short novella … I really enjoyed the masterful suspense, the vivid setting (Ottoman-era Constantinople-inspired fantasy, YES PLEASE) and the assured writing style. Now I definitely want to read the full-length novel…” — Suzanna, GoodReads Reviewer“Wonderful world and character backgrounds” — Emma, GoodReads Reviewer


As a freshly minted Bureau of Souls agent, Keiko Miller figured her first week wouldn’t be too stressful. Wrong. A

Roguish Demon

It all started with three simple words: ‘It’s my wife…’. Music to my ears. He had an incubus on his

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