Murder for Customer Service

Remember, if you want to live, the customer is always right!

DCI Fenton and his team must track down a killer who is trying to rid the world of crap customer service. Is the killer a crazed maniac, or a hero who just wants to make the world a better place?
When a gay man is found brutally murdered, it looks like a simple domestic. Fenton is asked to close the ‘slam dunk’ case before going on a much-needed holiday, that is until a second body is found. Both victims worked in the retail and hospitality sector, and according to the online forums, they regarded customer service as an inconvenience to being fabulous.
Dubbed the ‘One Star Killer’ by the press, Fenton and his team investigate the connections between the victims. An aspiring social media influencer, a self-made billionaire entrepreneur and a woman who lives to complain, are all persons of interest. Is someone really trying to rid the world of poor customer service? Who is the mysterious married man who links the victims? And, most importantly, will Fenton get his holiday?
Have you ever wanted to throttle someone for their appalling customer service? Do you want to live out that fantasy vicariously, without getting the literal blood on your hands?
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