A Sweet, Southern, Small-Town, Single Mom, Enemies to Lovers, PG-13 Clocktower Romance

Oncologist Kyle Murphy can never repay his brother, but he can pay his debt forward by offering his patients hope for another day with loved ones.

After watching her mother linger in a coma, nurse Dana Graham advocates quality over length of life. Winning the kindness award evolves into her Cinderella Night drawing the attention of an unlikely Prince Charming. Despite their differences, Dana agrees to help him improve his bedside manners.

Kyle’s patient demeanor excels until Dana’s lessons ensnare his heart and conflict with his family estrangement. His Cinderella has made him a better physician, but can he face his family and become a better man to heal her heart?

If you’re a fan of heartwarming, single mom, medical romances, don’t miss out on this uplifting story on living your best life.

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