Heroes of Hope County Book 1

HollyI run our small town’s only record store. I love my store. It’s struggling but it’s my Dad’s legacy and I will never let it go. It was a part of him and now it’s a part of me. It was a normal day at the store until the sexiest stranger I’ve ever seen appeared out of nowhere. I can’t let the fact that he can bring my body to mind-bending states of ecstasy take me off guard. He arrived with a mission to destroy everything I ever knew. Though he insists he’s changed, how can I trust him?MylesI love the fast-paced city life of New York. I also love making big deals as one of the big boys in the cut-throat world of property development. When I find myself in the small backwoods town of Hope to close some stupidly small property deal, I’m pissed. I can’t get outta there fast enough. But then, there’s this girl. Her luscious curves and feisty passion captivate me at first sight. I want her. Bad. She’s a hard nut to crack but, I’m the best closer in the property game. I will make her mine, no matter what.

"This well written story is the 1st book in the Heroes of Hope County Series and has wonderful characters. This was a good quick romance the plot was good and the characters had good chemistry. My first book from this author, but not my last."
5 Star Amazon Review

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