Naughty Billionaire Boss

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

A Breakup with my brother’s best friend.

Being the Surrogate to my Naughty Boss.

What could go wrong?


My Billionaire Boss belittled me in front of my colleagues & I am freaking out.

He is a jerk, but his dreamy eyes and rock-hard body were impossible to resist.

In a turn of events, I was craving his warm hands to be on my tender bosom.

His eyes were lustful as he reached out to my earlobes and temptingly kissed them.

I wanted to wither away but couldn’t. It was almost like each sensation entranced me to want more.

 Boss needs an heir to his multimillion-dollar company.

I am desperately in need of quick money.

In a major mix-up, I end up being his surrogate.


What happens when passion knocks our sixth sense away?

Now it’s up to the man I hate to decide my fate.

Expect an enemy-to-lover, naughty boss romance with steamy sequences that will leave you with a happy ending!


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