Off Limits Billionaire

Sleeping with my father's best friend was dangerous and intoxicating.

Sleeping with my father’s best friend was dangerous and intoxicating.

He’s arrogant, controlling, sexy AF, and Completely off-limits.

Taking a job as a nanny for Billionaire bad boy, Wyatt Madden was my only option to make ends meet.

As I care for his daughter, I’m getting to know a different side of her Ex-Navy broody single dad.

You can imagine the self-control it took.

I was warned of his mysterious, bad-boy ways.

Wyatt seems to be hiding something.

But the mischievous glint in his sparkling blue eyes.

His chiseled jawline

And his full sleeve of tattoos.

Girl. That Self-control did not last.

Who knows what my dad will do if he finds out.

Our passionate forbidden romance has threatened to undo both our worlds.

I’ve fallen for him. HARD. and now I’m in too deep.

But Wyatt has a secret from his past.

And I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.

But I have a secret of my own.

I’m Pregnant.

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