On The Rocks


Kate and Jared, Alice and Janet, and their friends grow up in the idyllic beach town of Wave Crest. Life is good, beach parties and the long hot summers that they have shared are about to come to an end. Kate and her friends have finished high school and it seems as if the world is at their feet.

Kate wins a scholarship to the university in St. Vincent. Her dreams of becoming a physician are about to become a reality. Eager to escape the small coastal town after the betrayal of her first love she can hardly wait to leave. Medical school is tough, and Kate faces challenge after challenge.

Tragedy and heartache strike and Kate’s world is torn apart.

Join Kate and her friends as they navigate the undercurrents that run beneath the calm surface of life in Wavecrest

"What a gem, the first of a series of romance novels from the talented author, Gilly Graham. Can't wait to read what awaits Kate as she returns to the town she so badly wanted to escape from. Intriguing!"

Brutal Captor I

She’s devoted to saving lives. When she pulls a bullet from a mobster’s chest, can she also melt his frozen


A man with a mission, a woman on the run. Can they escape the past that haunts them both? Years

About the Author

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