Once Upon a Lie

Lies were useful. Lies were easier. Lies kept people safe.

Mia Strauss is trying to be a good mother. She’s worked hard to build a stable life since losing her memory at eighteen. But lately, Mia is losing control. She is taking more and more of her prescription drugs to quiet the rising panic but when her husband comes home to find her face down on their floor, she’s at risk of losing her girls.

Alexander Strauss can no longer trust his wife. Her behavior and moods have grown evermore erratic. She has become a danger to herself, and their children. It is believed that Mia will never be able to remember, but Alexander is confident Mia’s continued amnesia is psychological. She doesn’t want to remember. He gives her an ultimatum, either she gets real help, or he’ll leave and take the girls.

Desperate, Mia signs up for a therapy she’s never tried—an experimental treatment that hypothesizes psilocybin may help traumatized patients process and recover their forgotten lives. But as Mia makes progress and her history takes shape, it’s clear that those closest to Mia never want her to remember what happened that night.

And they’ll do whatever it takes to stop the truth from being uncovered.

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