Paper & Feathers

A folded piece of paper can never have the crease removed...

Low-stakes rural fantasy in the charming world of Laviere. Perfect for fans of Wendell Berry, Studio Ghibli Movies, and the nice parts of Redwall.
The country of Alcabast is not ravaged by war, all of its neighbors get along rather well. Magic is neither deep nor mysterious, in fact it’s quite useful for daily life. Fierce creatures do roam the forests, but a sharp blade and a well-aimed musket will keep them at bay. Steam-powered conveyances transport people and goods, as long as they’ve been maintained properly. People live in harmony with the Seasons and with each other. Well, mostly…
Ahlden Creiori is employed by the Stellaire Library to uphold the ideals of truth and knowledge, wisdom and beauty. He enjoys a fulfilling career, a high degree of prestige, and looks forward to marrying the lady he’s courted for many Seasons now. His comfortable routine is disrupted when he’s sent away from the city to a bucolic little town, to authenticate a mysterious book that no one will tell him anything about. The journey there takes him to the brink of an entirely new outlook on life, and a chance encounter on the way home pushes him off the edge entirely. He gains a new perspective, but what must he lose to maintain the balance?
Filled with unique and compelling characters, with a non-conventional plot that will keep you guessing until the very end. Enter a rich, vibrant world where technology and nature are integrated, benevolent spirits walk among mortals, and all life is important. Everyday, slice-of-life fantasy in the first book of the Euphony of Seasons series.
"The writing is exquisite. The language used, the word-building, it’s all intensely beautiful. My brain was filled with rich colors while I was reading. It was a joy to experience and imagine the different places and people who populated them."
Ginny Kochis

Distanced Love

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