Patron of Joy

Prequel to the Challenged Love Series

When the daughter of a socialite meets the budding surgeon, sparks fly, and they find themselves on a fast track to forever. But building a lasting love isn’t easy even in the best of times. When tragedy strikes, the challenges may be too great. Will they overcome adversity to find eternal love? Read Patron of Joy, the prequel to the Challenged Love Series and find out.

"Victoria lives a stressful life. Her mother dictates her life down to who she dates and possibly marries. Her ray of hope is her father who sees through her mother and act as the go between them keeping her mother at bay. Everything changes on the spur of a moment and Victoria is seeing things with her eyes opened for the first time and taking charge of her life. This story will have you in her corner cheering her on to finally get a chance for happiness."
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