People Skins, Volume 0: Hidden Cuts

Beauty is only skin deep. Cut deeper.

People Skins, Volume 0: Hidden Cuts features 5 exclusive tales of off-beat fantasy and surreal horror:

  • a sheriff finds ice-cold dread in the middle of a red-hot desert;
  • Ireland’s miracle of moving religious statues becomes a nightmare;
  • Rose, Henry, and Reg are friends, lovers, and playing a deadly game;
  • Maria doesn’t believe a ghost haunts the phone box. But she will;
  • a fugitive pirate ship encounters a wreck with a mind of its own.

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Castles and Kings

Fiona lost herself when her last boyfriend turned out to be a narcissistic psychopath. He won’t leave her alone, no

The Secret Child

Short story prequel of The Sylvalla Chronicles: Quest, Prophecy and OmensYoung Jonathan Goodfellow and his father set out to rescue

Shackles of Guilt

Young and ambitious Earmon has climbed up the ladder in Levitor city to become the Queen’s topmost advisor. He seems

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