Poisoned in Provence

Henrietta Wants Her Body Back

When murder is on the menu, will she be the next victim?

22-year-old Nina travels to Provence, France to oversee her magazine’s chef competition.

As gorgeous French contestant Jacques gives Nina a tour of his family’s magical gardens, secrets waft through the lilac-scented breeze.

Secrets that come to light when the head judge shrieks “poison” during the competition’s climax.

Can Jacques be the culprit?

Will Nina discover the true villain before it’s too late?

Poisoned in Provence is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud funny cozy mystery, packed with quirky characters, mouth-watering cuisine, and the adorable fashionista French Bulldog, Jasper.

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"A charming young woman who has incredible insights and is hoping to grow her role with a food magazine is off to Provence with her flat mate, a designer of doggie duds, and their enchanting French bulldog and fashion aficionado, Jasper. murderous mayhem and drama follow surrounding food, families, traditions and loyalties. Can the cute and clever canine and his humans solve the murderous plots before a young man is wrongly imprisoned and his family broken up? Rural French village charm meets clever doggo and sisterhood sleuths."

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