Practical Guide for Persuasion

Success is not luck! Intentional pursuit it's the only way to reach success you deserve!!

Hey There! Please, stop whatever you are doing and read this! This book can be the ultimate ticket to your success! Learn the secrets to success, abundant health, and happy life! Learn empowering success habits and how to apply them in your daily routine. Soon you will feel the positive changes in your state of mind and unleash your full potential! With the rituals of success from the highly-successful individuals of our times, you will have the best resources to make your dreams come true! Empower yourself with this knowledge, develop as a person, and the rewards will appear as a natural consequence. The secret is in your mindset, and here you will learn how to change it and direct it on your behalf!Let’s Unleash the Greatness within You!

Murder by Moonlight

Detective Collins and his trusty Sergeant Rutgers investigate the mysterious murder of an elderly orchard farmer. The widow is their

A Shadow Among Legions

There was a time when Darien would have rather died than take an innocent life. But the cruel training of

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