Telepath: sense of humour, overactive conscience, knows her own mind – and yours.

1950s ~ London ~ England. A baby girl was born. That was me, and my parents had no inkling I was different. Neither, of course, did I so it took quite a while to understand that other people simply didn’t see as I saw, didn’t hear as I did.Luckily my family veered towards the paranoid, and as more and more came to light about what I was and what I could do, paranoid proved politic.It was a steep learning curve with many sticky moments along the way, but I honestly don’t think it was my fault things took a turn for the dangerous and then lurched straight into life-threatening. After all, you have to learn to take the rough with the smooth.

"Pitch perfect humour, beautiful sentences and a deadpan, matter of fact narration. A real, rare treat of a read. S.E. LynesLove this series, a mix of genres beautifully written. M A ComleyA Stephen King-like dark tale of strange occurrences. Breakaway ReviewersBeautifully written, one of the most compelling characters ever. For the Love of BooksAs if a John Wyndham character strayed into a McDermid novel. Promoting Crime Fiction"
S.E. Lynes, M.A. Comley, Breakaway Reviewers, For the Love of Books, Promoting Crime Fiction.

The Lady and The Rake

A Sweet Regency Short StoryI’m delighted to re-release my first short story. I entered The Lady and The Rake in

My Hired Husband

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