Riding Out the Devil

The Story of a Wounded Horse Healer

The skillful trainer can heal horses’ wounds. But will he let a teenage boy make him face his own?

Jack’s only interest is in helping troubled horses. He finds people irksome.

When bad news sends him back to his native England for the first time in two decades, dark secrets erupt from his past – secrets he fled the country to escape.

On his return, Father Michael asks him to help Joe, a teenager in desperate need of what only the trainer can offer. Jack hasn’t been to church in years and wants nothing to do with the kid.

Then he learns the true nature of Joe’s problems – and is forced to face his own wounds.

Will Jack stubbornly persist in bitter isolation?

Or will he open his heart and use his God-given talents to heal the boy?

"Walker expresses well what she understands so completely A solid 5-stars and that from a Baptist for a book by a Catholic. This, for me, was an especially enjoyable read. The characters, the action, the circumstances, both past and present, all came together in an unusual story of resisting - yielding - and finally embracing a short string of opportunities to make life-changing use of a God given gift. This is a delightful tale of horses and people being helped and healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thoughts and words flow pleasantly throughout this first book of The Jack Harper Trilogy causing me to look forward to reading the next installments of the series."
Riyahguy - Amazon reviewer

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