Rock Bottom

How far down is it?

Tommy is a family man spending his spare time trying to get his author dream going. One day he sees a text message on his wife’s phone that wasn’t meant for his eyes, sending him and his secure A4-life towards Rock Bottom.This is a story about family, bad choices, and stinky wet manure hitting the fan at lightning speed.The story about how a mundane family man ended up being a Private Investigator?


Concierge, Inc. provides services to the criminal elements of the United States. With their teammates, the Concierge women handle information,


From bestselling author of Dead Meat comes a fast-paced, unpredictable and brutal zombie series with a fresh new take on the genre.

Tech Billionaire

This is the prequel to the Tech Billionaires series. This is a short novel that will share the story of

About the Author

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