Rock Gods & Messy Monsters

You create your reality - but can you change it?

Aliens have hatched a rockstar. Brain extractions, falling body parts, and blood-vessel explosions have become the norm.

Alex’s dream job has turned into a nightmare. What should she do?

It’s the 1990s. Alex arrives to work at Acht Records, her improbable blonde hair streaked stress magenta and anger black. Her first duty is to wipe blood off her boss’s walls. It goes downhill from there.

Rock Gods & Messy Monsters is a humorous story about life inside a record company. Yet underneath and between the lines of satire and absurdism, the book is a cautionary tale.

It reminds us that dreams can be illusions.

Discovering who we really are takes courage and a commitment to self-love.

Reviewers have called Rock Gods & Messy Monsters “SNL meets Wizard of Oz meets Matrix meets Succession,” “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Music Industry” and “Theodor Adorno filtered through the whimsy and humor of writers like Terry Pratchett and Kurt Vonnegut”.

  • IndieBRAG Medallion 2023 Honoree
  • Top 30 Impressive Indie Books of 2022 from Independent Book Review
  • Most frequently wish listed book on BookBub (Dec 2022)
  • #1 Hot New Release Amazon Kindle in Absurdist Fiction, Pop Culture and Pop Culture Music (Sept 2022)
  • Starred Review, Independent Book Review (Oct 2022) 
"George Orwell Meets Neil Gaiman - "In a brilliant sidebar to the Me Too Movement, Diane Hatz has given us an eye-opening satire that conjures up Orwellian dystopia, Gaiman-esque characters and unforgettable imagery. Everyone should read this entertaining, yet cautionary, send-up of the recording industry. Highly recommended!!" Eileen T. A dystopian must read - "This novel is a contradiction - hilariously funny, desperately sad, infuriating, socially profound. The story of Alex a personal assistant struggling to please her demanding bosses in the music industry without losing her soul or her moral compass. Anyone who has ever worked in the corporate world will recognize this savage, absurdist take on the increasingly unethical places that the profit motive will take some people in their quest to succeed, and the courage it takes to say 'enough'." - Kate B. Satire and Self-Love - "A terrific insider reality/fantasy novel about an industry we love and hate, full of great contrasts, satire and love." - Stephen R. Whimsical, funny, and surprisingly deep - "Loved this 1st novel by Diane Hatz and can't wait for more! At first glance, a bizarre cast of characters seem fantastical, but look again and you might see yourself in one or another. Look closer, and you realize it's the reality of daily life in corporate America that's so bizarre. In other words, Diane transports us to a fantasy world so we can see our own more clearly. The journey is whimsical, funny, and surprisingly deep." - Sheryl W."
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