Runaway Love

Sometimes you run straight into the arms of love.

Runaway Love is the first story in The Pine Creek series. Dangerous Love, Heartbreak Love and Risky Love are all available on Amazon. If you love second chance romance or friends to lovers you will enjoy these stories.

Runaway Love is a short story that introduces the wonderful town of Pine Creek. When eighteen-year-old Marie and her brothers came to America to live with their aunt, they thought their prayers had been answered. Instead, they found themselves at the hands of an aggressive uncle when their aunt dies. The situation becomes worse by the day, and Marie decides take her brothers and leave. With nowhere to go and in a stolen car they hope their luck will hold out. Robert Connor is a widow with small child. He had love once and doesn’t believe he will find it again. That is until he stumbles across a young woman with two boys. His life is about to change forever. Dangerous Love is out now and is the story of Marie and Robert’s granddaughter, Evie, and her love for a diamond in the rough, Luke.

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