Sadie and Sam: PART 1

Sadie Marshall knew where she was headed...until he showed up.

When Sam Jones needs a place to stay in Green Hills, he’s directed to the Marshall house. There he finds a warm and welcoming home, incredible home-cooked meals, and a smart, gorgeous, savvy Sadie.

But she had a plan, and it didn’t include a rugged, hard-working, handsome cowboy.

When it’s time for Sam to go, will Sadie come to terms with a new vision for the future? Will she allow true love to take the reins of her life?

Sadie and Sam: Part 1 is the introductory short story to the Green Hills series of wholesome and heartfelt, small-town romance by award-winning and best-selling author Virginia’dele Smith.

If you like strong but vulnerable characters, emotional growth, and quaint backdrops, then you’ll adore Virginia’dele Smith’s celebration of joy.

"From lovable characters to scenic surroundings, Smith does a wonderful job of placing her reader right in the heart of Green Hills."
Nicole Maher, BookTrib


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