Safe In His Arms: A Romantic Suspense Novella

A lovely story!

HIM: She caught my eye right away, but before I could ask for her number, armed thugs tried to force her into a van. I managed to get her away, but now I’ve got to keep her safe until I can get her to her Senator father’s security detail. No one will touch her, that is my vow, but I can’t help wondering how I’m going to let her go when we reach our destination.HER: The last thing I expected was guys with guns trying to kidnap me. If it wasn’t for him, God knows if I would even be alive now. He’s taking me DC, to my dad, who can keep me safe, but right now he’s the only one I trust. He’s strong, handsome, and protective. Can he stop the bad guys from hurting me? And can I stop before I lose my heart to him?

Before I Knew You

Joanna was brought up to believe life is meant to follow a certain path. You meet a wonderful man, get


Famous for her hospitality, Venerable Catherine McAuley only ever turned away one woman who came to her for help, and

About the Author

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