Salvare’s Mountain

Gideon can dream in alternate realities, but he'd give anything not to.

Few can dream like Gideon, and those who do must devote themselves to the grey—a magic the citizens of Anchorton crave like starved animals.The masters known as the bards have everyone eating out of the palm of their hands, but Gideon knows better. The grey stole everything he ever loved from him.Determined to get it back, he must convince those he loves that life is somehow more blessed without the grey. And in his attempt to purge such a magic from the city, his dreams force him to face a truth he refuses to believe.His gift with the grey runs deeper than any before him.Now he must choose. Give in to the grey? Or start a revolution.

A Poor Maid’s Heart

When her father is falsely accused of theft and loses his job, the Gladstone family’s cruel landlord turfs them out


After centuries as a succubus, no one is sicker of the goddess. Dyella won’t stop interfering in matters that don’t concern

The Heart Necklace

Grief-stricken, Olivia Manning inherits a heart necklace said to bring its wearer true love. When she loses the locket on

Alaskan Harvest

Lou settled into the Alaskan lifestyle and the rhythm of each season. She’s enjoyed the unique harvest time of the

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