Could she do it to save her child?

Unleash an apocalyptic curse……and destroy an unsuspecting city?Never use magic on a powerful wizard. That was Emorith’s first mistake. But it also blessed her with a son. Will it now cost her everything?She wants to protect them. She must rescue him.With her son’s life on the line, who is she willing to sacrifice? There must be another way. Can she thwart her master to save them all in time, or is their fate already sealed?You’ll enjoy this dark fantasy, because everyone likes a thrilling adventure with a courageous heroine and terrifying magic.Get it now.Scourge is a prequel to The Dragon’s Stone.

"Great book!I didn't want to put it down. The author has created a world with an awesome magic system and characters that you root for.There's lots of action & adventure, and several twists along the way.Scourge is an exciting book that makes you want more!"
5 Star Goodreads Review

The Brothers

Y.I.T.B.: It means Yours In The Bonds.  It was how they signed their letters and their emails to each other. 

Confuse Me

Confuse Me is a prequel to the Hawthorn Hills Duet series. This short story takes you back to Providence and

An imPerfect Trap

Getting trapped in a psychotic fae’s twisted game isn’t my idea of a fun Friday afternoon. When one of them

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