Secrets of the Deep

Cordelia Blue is afraid of water. Cordelia is also a mermaid.



Determined to face her fear, Cordelia enters the ocean for the first time since her twin brother was killed and learns she is from the oldest bloodline of mermaids. Entrusted with a magical relic, it us up to her alone to break an ancient curse and free the mermaids from the water.

But the selachii – mysterious shark shapeshifters – also have their eyes on the relic. As tensions increase between the mermaids and selachii, Cordelia doesn’t know who to trust. Forced to choose between love and race, she doubts every decision and the intentions of those around her.

Trusting her head will lead to a path of betrayal, but she might just get her family back. If she chooses her heart, the mermaids may stay cursed to remain in the ocean forever.

"“Romeo and Juliet for today.” - Amazon reader “Deliciously romantic.” - Goodreads reviewer “Refreshing take on an emerging genre. Found this book so hard to put down. Lots of fun teen drama mixed with a dash of romance and just a touch of the supernatural.” - Melissa Welliver, author of The Undying Tower. “Twilight for mermaid lovers.” - Book blogger “The very premise is laced with conflict and you’ll cheer for Cordelia all the way through, as she battles to overcome inherent differences and conflict, and she must choose between her people and the person she loves.” - Stuart White, head of WriteMentor “This is a brilliant book! I love it! It's like a mixture of Sirens TV series and Aquaman and a Romeo & Juliet forbidden love story.” – ARC reader"

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