Sharp and Short Vol II

Meet DI Harry Hawkins. 'H' to friends and enemies alike. He's not an easy man to love.

Meet DI Harry Hawkins. ‘H’ to friends and enemies alike.

He’s not an easy man to love.

But when the chips are down he’s the man you want on your side, the man who’ll get you justice. Whatever it takes.

Can he save a friend from the clutches of an IRA death squad? Escape with his life after meting out rough justice to a gangland boss? Survive a battle with the demon drink as the mounting evil he faces threatens to crush him?

These stories – by turns action-packed, tragic and comical – are a must for anyone who likes a cracking good yarn or has an interest in the development of this flawed but heroic character, a man who will do whatever it takes to battle evil and try and to do some good in a dark world.

So … Get Ready to Experience the London Large Series: Race to the Finish with Non-Stop, Gut-Wrenching Action. Download your collection of starter short stories Now and join the 250k Club!

"***** Can’t get enough of these stories. It seems as if I just devour them. Excellent. Can’t recommend them enough. Brilliant. ***** I am not normally a fan of short stories, but I have to admit that these tales really capture the essence of the places and times of Harry and provide some really interesting and exciting to the backstory of H, both when he was a cop and now a private investigator. Unusually for this type of story they tend to not concentrate on Harry but rather on other people and situations, although of course he is always present in the stories. For anyone who has read any, or all, of the London Large series, this, together with volume 1, make essential reading to flesh out H and his family and friends."
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