Sitting on Top of the World (first three chapters)

Award-winning first book in the Sitting on Top of the World series

Fourteen-year-old June Baker never in a million years thought she’d be dressing like a boy, sneaking into a hobo camp, and jumping onto a moving freight train to travel across the state of Tennessee. But that’s what she has to do to find work so her family’s farm can survive.

It’s 1933, and the Great Depression is spreading misery throughout America. Where once June was sitting on top of the world, now she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Once she was picking fruit from the pawpaw trees, and now she’s picking up the pieces of a family torn apart. Once she was climbing and falling from trees, and now she’s jumping from moving trains.

June knows the risks. What she doesn’t know is that the railroad bull she’s falling for has a devastating secret that will change the course of her life.

Journey with June in Sitting on Top of the World, a historical fiction tale about family, friendship, love, loss, and hope.

Sitting on Top of the World is a wholesome story appropriate for ages 11 and up and would be a fantastic addition to any school, library, or family collection.

""Magnificently blending a story of misfortune with an inspiring tale of human ingenuity, Sitting on Top of the World is a superb intro to the events of the Great Depression for young readers. June is a courageous, relatable character whose strong first-person perspective and distinctive voice help set this novel apart from others that take place during this time period. All told, this is an original, meaningful, and powerfully told novel that will satisfy readers of any age.""
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