Soccer Mom: An Exciting Unputdownable Domestic Thriller

What would YOU do to save your family?

When Valerie’s husband loses his job… A mysterious woman makes her an offer she can’t refuse… She thought she was being a good wife… Her family needed her help… But now she finds herself in a dark world, doing things she’s only read about… Behind her husband’s back. Part of her wants out… But part of her likes it…. Likes the money… Likes the power… Likes the CONTROL… And she’s good at it. Very good. Butgood women don’t do this sort of thing… Do they? Get Soccer Mom now. Read this riveting story of a good woman slowly getting in touch with her dark side, then ask yourself the question… What would YOU do to save your family?

"...very well written and a book you do not want to put down. This novella is a quick read and follows Valerie, a soccer mom, who must do things that she does not want to do once her husband loses his job, in order to help her family. While it is mildly titillating, it focuses on the characters and moves forward at a quick pace, never failing to move the store forward. I would recommend this book."
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