It takes a dreamer to catch a dreamer

A killer strikes at will, disappearing into the night, leaving his victims and a terrorized community behind. But there is somebody on his trail. She knows what he is, and where to find him. It takes a dreamer to stop a dreamer.Solo introduces readers to the Lucid trilogy (American DreamerTomorrow’s History, and Gods and Dreamers), novels by Christopher. Solo takes the reader into the Lucid universe (or universes) and whets their appetites for the three novels making up the trilogy. Who will catch the killer, when the killer is from a different reality? It takes a dreamer to stop a dreamer …

The Red Door: Vol. 1

Two boys, one mysterious door, and a choice. Open the door and change your life forever or walk away and

Goat in the train

Prequel of the Alchemist steampunk series. What happens when a goat, a man, a woman and a baby encounter each other

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