Soul Love (a time travel short story)

Love can last lifetime after lifetime, two souls intertwine forever.

Summer Jewel loves her hometown and runs a bookstore in the town’s square. From her home in the mornings, she watches the artistic transformation of a neighboring old Victorian house and its interior designer, who graciously allows her to explore it all alone. She finds a mysterious door in the attic that she’s drawn to.

Until the owner, Rogan Randolph, catches Summer snooping one afternoon and invites her to dinner the next day in the restored home. After the dinner and drinks, a tornado siren releases, and they head for safety downstairs in the staff quarters, which leads to a romantic encounter she’s only read about in books.

But Summer’s curiosity gets the better of her,  and she sneaks into the attic again. Suddenly light beams shoot out from under the door; she reaches for the knob, which inexplicably transports her back in time, and discovers secrets about her past that change everything.

Soul Love is a thrilling YA time travel romance in the present day and the early twentieth century, Summer unlocks a mystery within herself – that she reincarnates into a different body. She embarks on a journey to find more evidence, uncovering clues along the way, and finds that love can last lifetime after lifetime, two souls intertwine forever.

"Short and sweet Imagine going to a neighbor’s house and all of sudden you're transported into another timeline? Summer’s life is upended when she discovers that time travel is possible and secrets from her life is untethered. A fun, romantic and quick story, in my opinion should be a full story. It was that good for me. KindleLove72"

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